Lumberton Police Department

120-A East Chance
Lumberton, Texas 77657
755-2650 or 755-3400

The mission of L.P.D. is to provide service, protection, and law enforcement in a fair, effective, efficient, professional manner.

Special Attention is paid to the safety of the schools and children within the City of Lumberton.

Lumberton is a progressive city and our police department strives to maintain that same progressive attitude. We work to provide our officers with the finest equipment and training to equip them to better serve our citizens.

I pledge as Chief of Police to see that our mission is carried out to the best of my ability.

Danny Sullins
Chief of Police
City of Lumberton Police Department

Lumberton Police Department Personnel



Danny Sullins

Police Chief

Forrest Cobb


Joseph Breaux, Jr.


Kenneth Powell


Brent Powell


Chad Wilson


Cody Davis


Trey Brothers


Troy Knight


Chris Robichaux


Jason Blackwell


Ryan Hargrove


John Ware


Nathan White


Kenneth Aydelotte


Chad Ainsworth


Michael Strange


Steve Clark

Reserve Sergeant

George Cole

Reserve Patrolman

Coy Collins

Reserve Patrolman

Linda Hunter

Police Secretary/Telecommunication Operator/Sex Offender Registration

   Tonya Cameron    Receptionist/Records Clerk
   Don Mitosinka   Animal Control




Texas Law Enforcement Complies with Senate Bill 1074 Racial Profiling

This department supports the 77th Texas Legislature's mandate prohibiting racial profiling in Texas. Our police officers work under a departmental policy that is consistent with all state and federal laws. The policy includes provisions for citizens to contact us if they have a conflict with a Lumberton police officer.

The Lumberton Police Department realizes that there will be disagreements, from time to time, with individuals that come in contact with our officers. We realize that confusion, different perceptions or possibly the timeliness or information could result in information that may produce different accounts of the same incident. These disagreements between citizens and officers need to be addressed. We trust that the vast majority of contacts between citizens and officers are conducted in a positive, professional manner. The relationship between the community and our officers is based on confidence and trust. We cannot be effective without both the community and our officers working together to achieve this goal.

Citizens feeling that they have a legitimate concern may make a formal complaint to the Lumberton Police Department at any time by contacting any member of this department for information on the complaint process. Additional information about this process may be obtained by calling us at (409) 755-2650.

The Lumberton Police Department would like to know about positive police contacts. Please feel free to write Chief Sullins a letter or note to let him know about a positive contact with our officers. Chief Sullins will let the officer know about your letter and a copy will be placed in the officer's personnel folder.

We are very proud of the relationship the Lumberton Police Department shares with the community. Our long standing goal is to provide our citizens with a safe community where all may live without the fear of crime.


City of Lumberton Registered Sex Offenders                            Click above to view current list including photograph

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